Strategy development


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Learning from the past and looking ahead

This Regional Catchment Strategy builds on previous editions published in 1997, 2004 and 2014 and draws on our growing understanding of how this region’s ecosystems work and how we can work with them.

Much was learned from writing and implementing the previous editions and has led to:

  • Continuing to produce this strategy as a website so it can be efficiently updated as required and can be accessible to virtually everyone, anywhere, all the time
  • Strengthening the connection with Traditional Owners and their traditional ecological knowledge, current planning and aspirations for the future
  • Making the structure of this strategy and the other Regional Catchment Strategies across the State more consistent so they are clearly positioned as a “boxed set’ of integrated catchment management strategies covering Victoria
  • Positioning this strategy as a high level document that brings together key points and directions from many natural resource management policies and plans relevant to this region
  • Including a prospectus of projects from many organisations that can contribute to the achievement of the vision and targets outlined in this strategy.

The development of this strategy is being undertaken with the following steps: