Community volunteering data

The data in the following tables is derived from the 2019 Volunteering Naturally Survey. The types of environmental volunteering groups listed are categories from Victorian Environmental Volunteering Plan. Volunteer hours are calculated at $33.71 per hour. The 2019 survey data was used rather than the 2020 data because it is a better representation of the number of volunteers and hours in an average year.

Group types:

  • Groups that are caring for landscapes (ie. doing physical work in the field including in parks, coastal, private and public land)
  • Groups that promote sustainable living (ie. environmental sustainability including clean ups, waste minimisation, etc,)
  • Groups engaged in citizen science actively collecting data on species or environmental condition
  • Groups involved in wildlife rescue & rehabilitation
  • Groups providing recreation/nature experiences supporting connection, education and appreciation of nature
  • Groups providing advocacy for and on behalf of improved environmental outcomes
  • Other networks and groups


  • * The extrapolated data for Landcare groups is based on an average of 42 volunteers per group with an average of 756 volunteer hours per group. The extrapolated data for Landcare networks is based on an average of 67 volunteers per groups with an average of 2524 volunteer hours per group.
  • There is potential for double counting of number of volunteers and number of hours between Landcare groups and Landcare networks.