Moving forward

Coordinating implementation

The Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority has had the lead role coordinating the development and implementation of the Regional Catchment Strategies over the past 25 years. This role was assigned under provisions of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. Over this time, there have been three previous Regional Catchment Strategies and this new one is the fourth.

However, from 1st January 2022, the Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority was integrated into Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water has now taken on the role of coordinating and reporting on the implementation of this Regional Catchment Strategy.

Coordinating the implementation and reporting of the Regional Catchment Strategy includes:

  • Supporting and collaborating with Registered Aboriginal Parties and Traditional Owners to ensure the strategy aligns with their planning and aspirations, and enabling them to engage effectively in natural resource management in this region in ways that they self-determine
  • Actively collaborating with government, non-government, industry and community organisations, and landholders and community sectors, to promote and advance the Regional Catchment Strategy and its directions, targets and priorities
  • Actively collaborating with major investment sources, including Victorian and Australian government departments, to promote the strategy and its directions, targets and priorities, influence the scope and scale of future funding programs, and secure significant new funding for natural resource management priorities in this region
  • Initiate and coordinate regional investment processes/applications, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, to develop agreed, prioritised regional funding applications for major funding programs such as relevant Victorian Government programs and the Australian Government’s National Landcare program
  • Promoting the Prospectus and its project proposals with both project proponents and potential investors and ensure the Prospectus becomes a valuable tool that helps secure significant new funding for priority projects in this region from diverse sources
  • Actively fostering partnerships, collaboration and coordination amongst the organisations and communities involved and interested in natural resource management in this region, through mechanisms such as regular thematic and geographic forums aligned with the strategy themes and Local Areas
  • Progressively securing more ‘Partner Organisations’ for the strategy, including all Councils of the region
  • Collaborating with key organisations to systematically strengthen the links between the strategy and the metropolitan and regional land use planning system, including through mechanisms such as having the strategy referenced in various other strategies and plans, having it formally recognised by Councils as a reference document, having new references and provisions included in the Victoria Planning Provisions, and development of guidance notes and other documents
  • Maintaining the accuracy and currency of information in the strategy including its maps, data, live links, etc.
  • Maintaining a register of changes/updates to the strategy on the updates and review page of this website
  • Monitoring and reporting on the condition of the natural resources in the region and the progress toward the targets for condition outlined in this strategy
  • Monitoring and reporting on implementation of the strategy and progress towards its governance and implementation targets
  • Assisting the aggregation of information from this region into state-wide processes for reporting on natural resource condition.