Links to other maps and data

There are numerous websites hosted by other organisations with detailed mapping and data relevant to the Themes of this Regional Catchment Strategy. The following links will direct you to some of these sites.

You can also visit the Data tables section of this website for detailed tables of data that is directly referenced in the Regional Catchment Strategy.


  • Nature Kit is DEECA’s biodiversity web mapping and reporting tool that displays information on Victoria’s biodiversity values, investment prospects, flora and fauna distribution, native vegetation, marine bathymetry and habitat, disturbance and land classification.
  • CoastKit brings together marine and coastal scientific data, images and resources, developed by DEECA to provide an online data repository for the community to explore and use Victoria’s marine and coastal information.
  • Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity is a site that can be used to discover and share spatial information on Victoria’s environmental values, conservation activities and research.
  • The Natural Resource Management Planning Portal provides users with an interactive format to view their property, their catchment and their landscape.
  • Atlas of Living Australia is a collaborative, digital, open infrastructure that pulls together Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, making it accessible and reusable.
  • ANU Environment Report is an annual report with spatial information on the change in Australia’s environmental conditions.
  • The State of the Environment Report 2018 tells Victorians about the health of our environment – our land, our water, our air, and our ecosystems. Using 170 different scientific indicators, the report shows us where we’re doing well and where we need to improve.


  • Yarra and Bay is a website that provides water quality information and advice through a ‘one stop shop’ so Victorians can quickly and easily access up to-date information on issues such as beach water quality and algal blooms. 
  • Healthy Waterways Strategy provides a single framework for addressing community expectations and the responsibilities for waterway management in the Port Phillip and Westernport region. The Strategy outlines catchment-specific visions, goals, long-term targets (10 to 50 years) for key values and waterway conditions, and short-term performance objectives (10-years).
  • Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater provides easy access to all of the publicly available groundwater bore data to assist groundwater researchers and help water managers make the correct choices for the sustainable use of a precious resource.
  • Ground Water Dependent Ecosystems Atlas was developed by the Bureau of Meteorology as a national dataset of Australian GDEs to inform groundwater planning and management. The web-based mapping application allows you to visualise, analyse and download GDE information for an area of interest without needing specialised software.


  • The Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation based out of Federation University provides a range of interactive sites and has developed many web-based spatial information and knowledge portals which provide public access to data sets that are often hidden from view.
  • DataVic is the place to discover and access Victorian Government open data.