Elsternwick Park

Creating the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve

The four Councils in the Elster Creek catchment -Bayside City Council, City of Port Phillip, City of Glen Eira and City of Kingston and Melbourne Water – have agreed to oversee the redevelopment of Elsternwick Park North in the context of the Elster Creek Catchment Action Plan. This Action Plan focusses on providing effective stormwater and flood management of the Elster Creek catchment.

Bayside City Council has closed the Elsternwick Golf Course to create the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve – an environmentally focused park – with an aim to improve flood mitigation and water quality in the Elster Creek catchment. This site also has the capacity to deliver community and environmental benefits including passive recreation and revegetation.

This project aims to explore water sensitive solutions for Elsternwick Park North by considering their impact of flooding within the Elwood area.

This project is Action 29 in the Dandenong IWM Forum Strategic Directions Statement.

Themes and Local Areas

Primary Theme:Communities
Other Themes:Wetlands, Native Vegetation, Native Animals, Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians, Communities
Primary Local Area:Urban Melbourne
Other Local Areas:
Project location:Elsternwick Park North
Scale of the project:One place
New or continuing work:New work

Project partners

Lead organisation:Bayside City Council
Key partners:City of Port Phillip, Glen Eira City Council, City of Kingston, Melbourne Water, Bunurong LCAC
Registered Aboriginal Party/s relevant to the project or its area:Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Investment opportunities

Opportunities for investors within this project start from:$ (Thousands of dollars)
Estimated scale of investment for full project implementation:$$$$ (Millions of dollars)
Estimated timeframe for full project implementation:2-10 years

Contribution toward targets

Primary Regional Catchment Strategy target:3.3 Wetlands water quality – a new wetland/aquatic habitat area of 5.4ha, designed to treat baseflow and stormwater from Elster Creek circulating water through a chain of ponds to be harvested for regional non-potable water reuse. Elster Creek carries urban stormwater and large volumes of common pollutants from a 3,200 ha urban catchment that discharges into Port Philip Bay and has negative impacts on the sensitive estuarine ecologies as well as the recreational value of the Bay.

5.1 New Parks – 13 hectares of new parkland created from a former golf course, set aside to provide habitat for wildlife as well as passive open space for the local community.

5.3 Revegetation – over 30,000 new indigenous plants

14.3 Community participation – involvement of residents, schools, and community groups in environmental education and passive recreation

15.2 Cooling, greening Melbourne – 13 hectares of revegetated and/or wetland space in urban Melbourne
Relevant Biodiversity 2037 goal:Support people to connect with nature
Relevant National Landcare Program priority:

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